OSN provides epic TV entertainment and premium storytelling to millions of households and businesses across the MENA region.

With over 180 channels, it caters to all ages and tastes from rom-coms to sci-fi and horror.

For the launch of their latest mobile-first app, WAVO, they asked us to help them redesign the user experience, placing the customer right at the heart of OSN’s offering.

How we helped do the right thing

Traditional family-style broadcasters like upfront payments and long term commitments. Not WAVO. It’s easy-come, easy go approach meant customers could choose monthly or pack-by-pack options. And watch when and how they liked.
No-one else in the Middle East offers their customers such freedom.

Now we had the platform, we needed to capture the audience’s attention, their emotion, and their love for great telly. In order to show the vibrancy of WAVO’s offer, we brought the content to the front and made the design fun, simple and clear to navigate. The focus was on what the user wanted to watch, not how to reach it.

What happened next

Partnering with WAVO’s developers, we designed an app with a totally new experience.

We defined new core app capabilities to give more control to WAVO. Using data targeting, WAVO could reach out commitment phobes who didn’t want a traditional long-term TV package. By offering a flexible option, it built brand loyalty instead.


Since the launch, OSN has enjoyed 100% more visibility across the organisation on digital delivery. Creating a lean, progressive and evidence-led design process has earned them better control over vendor relationships.