Unibet needed to use completely new tactics to succeed against its huge spending competitors during 2016’s summer of sport.

How we helped do the right thing

This audience are heavy digital and mobile users, so a digital and social content initiative would allow us cut through, drive awareness and increase consideration.

We created a six part sports-entertainment series focusing on the sweet spot between sport, science and data, which would feed the audience’s thirst for knowledge. Our editorial themes were developed from upcoming sporting events.

We then found less well-known insights that influence those sports and developed a series of experiments that showed what impact those factors had on athletes and outcomes.

What happened next

We worked with Youtube sensations, The F2 Freestylers, who fitted our audience geo-demographics and passion-points, to create video specifically for the online space, which we knew would be mostly viewed on mobile. So we produced modular content supported by contextual trailers targeting the content at different audiences and their interests.

We designed a video distribution strategy that targeted our customers in social media, out-stream and in native. Content was distributed contextually – so if an online news site mused that the French football team couldn’t handle the pressure as host nation for the Euros, we’d run a content asset talking about how home advantage is a major factor in big football tournaments.


The videos were viewed over 20m times; 15m of which was organic, resulting in a total watch time of 48,000,000 minutes – over 90 years! Unibet’s global share of voice increased by 40% and helped increase visibility of the brand by 17%. Engagement rates on Facebook leapt 38% and people watched on average 4.87 times.

What really mattered to us, however, was proving that helping people win wasn’t commercial suicide and actually resulted in a positive return. During the Euro 2016 tournament we signed up 115% more new customers than during World Cup 2014. And even taking into account the increased level of winnings that this audience are achieving thanks to content informing them how to increase their chances of winning, we still generated an ROI of 18:1.

Luck is No Coincidence content series won the 2016 DMA Grand Prix and a Gold CMA awards.


more new customers signed up than during the previous World Cup