To motivate people to make the positive life changing decision to join the Army, we had to make it feel attainable to people who could be put off by intimidating stereotypes.

For 2018, we had even more ambitious application targets to meet.

Where our first phase revealed a powerful, human benefit to joining the Army, our second phase had to make that benefit of belonging feel more attainable to more people.

How we helped do the right thing

We had to break expectations and get talked about. We needed young people to rethink what they thought a soldier had to be and be personally motivated to apply and take the first step.

We tackled stereotypes of what it meant to be a soldier, showing you didn’t have to be a straight, white man, and even if you were, you didn’t have to be a robot or superhero.

What happened next

Real soldiers and stories showed there isn’t one type who belongs. TV showed soldiers overcoming anxieties of not fitting in. Digital animations showed soldiers’ own fears pre-applying. Display used data to tailor messaging.

And everything ended with a powerful call to action: Find where you belong.


It’s early days but our campaign has already been one of the most talked about Army campaigns in Army history, producing record-breaking results.

Crucially applications steadily increased from the moment the new campaign launched, a positive sign that more young people are seeing the Army as somewhere they want to and believe they can, belong.


PR reach vs. 2017