To launch SNOG frozen yogurt nationally, we needed to take the brand from a quirky start-up and help turn it into a household name by rapidly growing awareness.

How we helped do the right thing

In order to reach a young audience, many of whom are apathetic to brands, we created online content working with key influencers, in order to stand out in cluttered social spaces.

We created #SnogYourHeartOut, a collaborative campaign bringing together the most creative and influential people on social media.

We hand-picked a group of key, relevant online influencers that our audience wanted to listen to, who also encapsulated our campaign message of living for what you love.

What happened next

Through data analysis and insight, we identified and sourced a roster of influencers, who we knew would be most influential to our target audience: from typographers to fashionistas, fitness fanatics to dancers, hula-hoopers, and even a banana artist. Under our direction, our roster created a multitude of content including Instagram videos, gifs, typography, origami, fruit doodles and more.

Alongside our key online influencers, we also teamed up with high profile celeb personalities Daisy Lowe and Ella Eyre, who boosted the combined reach of our influencer roster to almost 7 million.

We then brought all of this content together, creating an eclectic and inspirational film set to Ella Eyre’s unreleased upcoming hit single, Good Times.


The SNOG brand saw a 12,000% uplift in sales following the campaign. Engagement rates soared to 43% higher than the sector average and 43% of views led to social visits.


uplift in sales