London. Arguably the food capital of the world. Attracting the attention of food lovers in a city dominated by food fashions and fads, Michelin stars and no-reservation pop-ups is no mean feat. The only answer was for Maille to be as creative as the food scene itself and make a meaningful, can’t-miss contribution.

How we helped do the right thing

Introducing La Maison Maille’s Fête de-la Gastronomie, a two-week festival of PAR-LON flavour, culminating in a unique dining experience where London’s Southbank was transformed into Paris’ iconic Left Bank.

The result was millions of food lovers engaged and +13% Retail Sales Value for the business.

Forget foodies. Our audience is another level. The Monday-to-Friday food explorers consuming new tips, techniques and flavours; Saturday-and-Sunday all-day shopping-cooking-blogging cooks for whom every meal is a passion project.  We call them Discerning Food Lovers.

We chose to engage them by demonstrating Maille’s shared obsession with food and flavour.

What happened next

Our campaign had three main elements:

First, our Flavour Creators. We used social data and our own connections in the food scene to identify nine influential chefs and food producers across the capital. The unpaid partnerships saw each influencer create a Maille inspired dish to sell throughout Fête de la Gastronomie, creating a vibrant culinary adventure around the city for people to take part in and enjoy.

Second, we developed ‘cook at home’ versions of our Flavour Creator recipes, allowing discerning food lovers to copy their heroes and recreate the special Maille inspired dishes.

The campaign culminated in a celebration of French food on London’s famous Southbank. For one night, we transformed London’s Southbank into Paris’ Rive Gauche, creating an al fresco French banquet, bringing together all of the Maille-infused dishes from our Flavour Creators in a tasting menu for 200 people as a unique meeting of Parisian and London gastronomy.

In all, our integrated campaign reached across influencer channels, PR, digital content, in-store experiences, eCRM, native content, and Flavour Creators’ own channels.


Maille’s Retail Sales Value grew by 13% in the four key months of the campaign period. Maille’s penetration of the mustard category increased by +64.5%YOY.

During this time, London sales performance increased in the range of 10-15% vs. the UK average. The impact was sustained, with Tesco’s London store sales growing 7% faster than total country sales.

209 pieces of quality coverage in key titles for our audience including The Guardian, Time Out, Harper’s Bazaar, Foodism and Evening Standard, +232% vs KPI

Total reach: 38,021,750
Total social reach: 1,840,426


Total campaign reach