Persuade young drivers, not known for buying brand new cars, to put their name down for a new £30,000, 167mph Honda Civic TypeR.

How we helped do the right thing

The car-marketing rule book says; "Campaigns don't sell cars, dealers do". It's why many car brands still try to drive people to dealerships.

In true Honda style, we took an unconventional approach, getting ourselves into the 'boy racers' natural environment; the car parks, shopping centres and car festivals of Great Britain.

What happened next

Our campaign insight was simple: boy-racers hold a deep seated belief that they are superior drivers to the rest of the pack.

Knowing they think of themselves as a bit special behind the wheel we 'called them out' with targeted online advertising reaching hot-hatch lovers sitting in fast food car parks after 9pm.

We goaded petrol heads with a challenge: which of them was the quickest of the quick? Whoever proved themselves fastest around the Nurburgring in our custom built simulator would win the quickest ever hot-hatch around the Nurburgring.


Within two months of campaign launch we'd sold 2/3rds of the year's target. In fact for the first time since the recession, the Marketing team had to call the factory and ask them to make more cars.

The campaign has led to over £12m worth of immediate attributable revenue, with a ROI of £36.


revenue attributable to campaign