Challenge made some great strides with its previous 'Drivers Win' campaign, with the work consistently shown to be amongst the most well-liked and well-remembered in the category.

However, the key challenge lay in brand attribution. Too many people were remembering ‘the James Corden ads’, rather than ‘the ads.’ We needed a way to differentiate and put the brand name back at the heart of the creative idea.

How we helped do the right thing

As the first price comparison site in the UK, was invented to help people navigate the noise, clutter and confusion when it came to the sea of insurers fighting for our attention.

Sixteen years later, and we realised price comparison sites have become part of the problem. They’re all playing the same game, and people can’t confidently say which is which.

We knew that delivering on our ambition to elevate this brand above the competition would mean tapping into the broader cultural context of consumerism and distrust beyond price comparison.

With each outlandish price comparison character trying to shout louder than the next, we went back to’s original purpose: clearing up the noise, clutter and confusion.

What happened next

Our launch ad called time on the confusion by tackling it head on with the effortlessly confident consumer champion the category so desperately needed.

Out with James Corden, and in with a slick new winning driver: Timothy Murphy – a ‘hot knife through butter’ kind of guy – to calmly, simply guide the way from a world of confusion to one of total clarity.

With the launch ad came a new campaign line, ‘Don’t be confused. Be’. If our goal had been to find a way to put the brand name back at the heart of the creative idea, then it’s fair to say we’d done it. Twice.


Besides all the nice media coverage (Ad Forum’s Best Ad of the Week Worldwide was a highlight), the campaign has been just as hard-working for the brand. Spontaneous brand awareness increased 50% YoY, and most importantly of all, market share was already up 4% YoY.


Increase in brand awareness YOY