The BBC doesn’t get the credit it deserves for its huge contribution to music.

Their challenge to us was to create a new iconic music brand, which could stand shoulder to shoulder alongside BBC News and BBC Sport in the BBC stable - and which could rival the growing list of competitors in the music space, from iTunes to Spotify to Deezer.

How we helped do the right thing

We helped the BBC see the real power in its commitment to music where, in a world of increasingly commercialised and commoditised music, the BBC is a rare and precious thing. It’s a brand that curates and creates music for the love of it.

We wanted to create and launch a new BBC Music brand that would shine a light on the unique role the BBC plays in the world of music, not just as a broadcaster, but as an expert curator of music, and a nurturer of new and diverse talent.

What happened next

Our first step was to create the God Only Knows campaign, an extraordinary reworking of The Beach Boys’ classic song, uniting 27 internationally acclaimed artists from across the musical genres to form ‘The Impossible Orchestra’. The campaign showcased the BBC’s unique role as a platform and curator for music and demonstrates the pulling power of the BBC with world class talent and the huge diversity of genres that it supports.

We created a digital roadblock launch strategy, by seeding the campaign with the world's most popular and influential music publications and blogs in over 100 countries. We then managed a BBC first through the simultaneous launch of the campaign film across every channel on TV, radio and online. Finally, we engaged the fan groups of the talent involved to get the weight of their social presence behind the campaign.


The campaign was in the 5 of the top global trends on Twitter, has hit over 1 billion in reach, received over 35 million views on YouTube without paid for media support, achieved 96% positive sentiment and established the BBC Music brand firmly in viewers' and listeners' minds leading to increased understanding and appreciation. The single itself was number 1 in the UK music charts and the legacy is an annual BBC Music Awards event as well as a cross-channel BBC Music Day.


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