Finding the fabric of Britain

Karmarama part of Accenture Interactive has launched You, me and our communities: Finding the fabric of Britain report.

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How can brands and their marketing be attuned to culture when the whole world’s in flux? At Karmarama we always work hard to understand people. Our creativity is forged on a sharp appreciation of individuals, society and culture. As an agency we were dissatisfied with the media stereotyping of a Broken Britain, so in our enthusiasm for unconventional discovery, we put together a team with a unique range of skills to take a deeper and more holistic approach to understanding people and communities today.

We chose five communities that would best represent the nation we are now. Finding the fabric of Britain is the report of what we found over the course of a 9-month period that spans face-to-face ethnographical research, anthropological analysis with netnography and panel research during 2020.