Nando’s Loyalty cards weren’t getting the face time they deserved. People had the cards and were swiping them but not registering to claim their rewards. At the time of briefing, there were 1.8m unclaimed rewards sitting dormant in people’s back pockets.

We needed to encourage Nando’s customers to ‘cash in’ their reward points. By doing so we could drive people to the restaurants, increasing footfall and frequency of visits.

How we helped do the right thing

Culturally people are very distrusting of rewards schemes, assuming it’s for the benefit of the company not them. With cynicism on the rise the idea that ‘there’s no such thing as a free lunch’ is more relevant than ever. Only 38% of UK youth trust businesses, this is lower than the general population.

It was important therefore to be seen as truly generous. We did this by prompting people to claim what’s rightfully theirs and we did it in a way that’s never been seen before.

Almost 2 million customers had rewards on their Nando’s Cards but weren’t using them. To give back to Nando’s loyal fanbase, we needed to create an innovative new campaign which would remind people of the rewards sitting dormant in their wallets.

Card holders needed reminding just how exciting free food is. So, we hid even more cards, of all shapes and sizes, around the UK all loaded with rewards.

What happened next

We created an interactive use of out of home, with giant rewards cards placed onto billboard sites across the country. The first phase of the campaign encouraged customers to pull XL rewards card off of out of home sites and claim a meal for 10 people. The campaign then rolled out onto smaller out of home sites across the country, at smaller fly poster sites, with a reward of dinner for one.

The concept of the campaign was to make an example of the great lengths people could go to get Nando’s rewards, in comparison to just using the rewards on the card in their pocket.

The innovative campaign targeted customers with a series pre-roll ad which exampled the great lengths customers could go to get their rewards, or instead just use the ones sat in their pockets. The digital work also included an element which involved customers interacting with Nando’s owned social channels, screen-shotting their Nando’s Card which animates together for a split second to win a free meal.


The work gained 189 pieces of coverage, across national, lifestyle and regional media. It also had an online readership of 364 million with an estimated 724,000 coverage views and 21,100 social shares.