Lidl has a tag line — Big on quality, Lidl on price. But few notice it, and it has always been used as a throw-away line. Our brief was to explain it, launch it and build equity in it. However, Lidl, as a discounter, isn’t known for quality — they’re known for being Lidl on price! Inherently our key challenge was to create a vehicle, using the tagline, where we could convince shoppers that Lidl has outstanding quality products.

How we helped

We discovered that the all-encompassing quality parameter isn’t binary; it’s not simply present or absent. Rather, it’s fluid and contextual. Sometimes products simply have to ‘do a job’, and then it’s quality. A dishwasher tablet simply needs to provide clean dishes. Frozen chips that make the kids eat. Nappies that keep a baby dry enough to sleep through the night. It’s products that do what they’re supposed to.

We went Big on the quality that matters to Britain. By always highlighting the emotional or functional benefit apparent in any product: An apple is crunchy and British, but also keeps the doctor away. Lidl’s school uniform is the cheapest in the UK, it has reinforced seams for rough and tumble playground antics, and it washes up perfectly to keep both parents and kids happy. And not only did we go big on these benefits in insights, also in pace and tone — we went big on enthusiasm, passion, energy — as a way of implicitly conveying how Lidl really goes big on the things that matter to the nation.

What happened next

To truly convince a nation that already knows we’re Lidl on price, we particularly went big on TV, OOH, and press. However, we also updated store signage, so the experience of big on stretches all the way from TV to the in-store experience. And we worked closely with the BTL and TTL agencies, to truly make the big on idea come alive in everything from partnerships to influences, from the weekly leaflet to the Instagram posts.  


Since launching the Big on campaign in June, Lidl now holds a 6% market share and is continuing to see massive growth in the retail category.