In 2018, we took back to its roots and relaunched as the price comparison brand that would bring clarity to a world of confusion. Out with shouty brand mascots, and in with an altogether more authoritative tone that set us apart in a cluttered category of gimmicks.

Fast forward three years, and results have exceeded expectations, with a doubling of spontaneous awareness, and a move from 4th to a consistent 2nd in market.

The challenge now was to maintain what was working so hard for the brand – a distinct set of memorable brand assets and a resonant purpose that stood us out from the crowd - whilst simultaneously looking to further improve brand preference metrics.

How we helped

In a spontaneous-driven category that lacks a single killer reason to choose any one brand over another, we needed to give our audience an emotive reason to choose Extensive research served to reinforce our original insight: that the price comparison market has become just as confusing to navigate as insurance itself once was. The build on that insight this time around, was just how disempowered and filled with self-doubt this left people feeling when it came to their financial decision-making.

For our 2021 campaign, in an effort to land the more emotive benefit we were selling, we honed in on insights around how people make those decisions, and developed a simple, powerful thought: there can be value in questioning things. The long-hand was that confusion can play a valuable role in life if it is faced and worked through, eventually leading to the kind of clarity that is so committed to bringing to the experience of buying insurance.

This insight allowed us to build on the already established shift from a brand benefit of creating clarity, to a consumer outcome that’s best described simply as ‘being’.

What happened next

Having shifted the focus from brand benefit to the customer the previous year, we set out to take it one step further. From offering some light relief by tapping into humorous and relatable everyday confusions, showing the confused person in contrast with our confident and collected brand narrator, we now wanted to show that anyone could ‘be’.

Retaining the campaign line ‘I’m not confused. I’m’ and our known visual and audio assets – the classic Mercedes and Link Wray riff – we ventured inside the minds of people as they consider conundrums like whether to use ‘affect’ or ‘effect’ in an email, or the differences between alligators and crocodiles. In each execution, having faced their confusion with a little help along the way, they end up finding clarity.

The result is a call to be confident when it comes to resolving common confusions and a celebration of the feel-good factor of overcoming everyday challenges.


Since working with, we’ve helped them leapfrog their competitors in one of the most competitive sectors out there:

- Now 2nd place for share of the car insurance market, up from 4th
- Car insurance market share in November 2021 was at an all-time high.
- moved into 2nd place for home insurance for the first time too, since the new campaign launched in September.
- Spontaneous awareness increased by 30% between February ‘19 and October ’21
- The launch ad Affect/Effect had the highest spontaneous brand linkage of any recent campaigns