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Karmarama creates X-Wrap – the wrapping paper made to throw gift guessers off their game

Designed by Karmarama, X-Wrap is limited edition wrapping paper that makes gifts appear X-rayed to see what’s inside. Will the real gift be better or worse? You won’t know until it’s open. 

Looks like an engagement ring? Nah, it’s actually a scented candle. A toilet brush? No, it’s a bottle of wine. 
It’s enough to throw off the biggest of gift snoopers.

X-Wrap comes in different designs for different sized gifts. It’s up to wrappers to decide how to use them. 

Karmarama is the UK’s most progressive creative agency, part of Accenture Interactive, working across advertising, PR, data-driven communications, mobile platforms and products, digital and innovation. The agency is known for its ability to blend creativity, digital and data, to help brands better engage with consumers. Or as Karmarama calls it – Connected Creativity. It is one of the most effective agencies in the UK and has won the DMA Grand Prix for the last two successive years, in 2017 for its work for the Army. It was again the highest ranked creative agency in the Sunday Times Top 100 Companies to Work For in 2020.