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Breaking & entering the future home

The ‘home’ has always been a cocoon for humans, away from the world and its commerce. Yet with smart technology entering this space, so are brands. How they do that is a sensitive issue – they should feel like a friend coming for dinner, rather than someone breaking and entering your private space.

Precisely at a time where people want more places that are noise and commerce free, more and more purchasing decisions are being made from the home. How can brands ensure they are behaving appropriately?

New research has unveiled a new way of looking at how people live at home that goes beyond typical segmentation, but instead focuses on behaviours. We’ll share a set of mindsets from which will help brands develop products and services that ensure their place in the future home.

Karmarama’s Jon Wilkins and Dr Kate Stone are hoping to speak at SXSW 2020 about ‘Breaking & entering the future home’ if you’d like to hear more please read (and vote for our session!) at:

How to be unforgettable in the frictionless future

For some time, brands and businesses have been in a race to remove the pain points and create frictionless experiences; from one-click ordering systems to voice enabled reordering. But what happens when this is taken to its natural conclusion?

Are we failing to see that brands may become meaningless, unseen, commoditized and forgettable as we remove all relationship with their audiences? Are we unintentionally destroying what makes a brand memorable and leaving behind ‘ghost brands’?

We will explore how memories are actually made – and the lessons for brands on how to stay memorable in the frictionless future. This session will share practical steps for adding friction into experiences and give tips for helping brands be memorable and engaging in a frictionless future.

Karmarama’s Hattie Matthews is hoping to speak at SXSW 2020 on the subject of ‘How to be unforgettable in the frictionless future’ if you’d like to hear more please read (and vote for our session!) at:

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