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WFA and Karmarama Putting People First: 10 Years of Learnings from Project Reconnect

WFA’s Project Reconnect has been one of the most important initiatives we have been involved in. That’s because ultimately we’re all in the people game.

Understanding, motivating and engaging customers is the number one priority for everyone involved in marketing.

Today, there are so many distractions; whether it be budget fragmentation or the proliferation and digitisation of channels, simultaneously creating huge distractions and opportunities for us in equal measure. However, all these new opportunities need to be constantly framed by putting people first.

From the customers’ point of view, with so much choice, people are increasingly looking for brands they trust, who stand for something over and above what they make or provide and they are looking for creative storytelling that is differentiated consistent across their experience.

In marketing we call that integration, but it’s not just about communications integration, it’s increasingly about consistency of language, assets and behaviour, something that’s hugely challenging when we’re all moving so fast.

The future of brands, and thus marketing, depends on consistently striving for Better Marketing. Holding our customers and creativity tightly, whilst enjoying the newfound freedom of expression we now all have, will be critical.

Jon Wilkins,

Executive Chairman, Karmarama

You can download Putting People First 10 Years of WFA’s Project Reconnect here

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