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Nando’s encourages customers to claim the rewards which are rightfully theirs in interactive campaign by Karmarama

Nando’s encourages customers to ‘cash in’ their rewards points in a new campaign created by Karmarama. 

Almost 2 million customers have rewards on their Nando’s Cards but aren’t using them. To give back to Nando’s loyal fanbase, Karmarama has created an innovative new campaign which reminds people of the rewards sitting dormant in their wallets. 

The concept of the campaign is to make an example the great lengths people could go to to get Nando’s rewards, in comparison to just using the rewards on the card in their pocket.

The new campaign sees an interactive use of out of home, with giant rewards cards being placed onto billboard sites across the country. The first phase of the campaign encourages customers to pull XL rewards card off of out of home sites and claim a meal for 10 people. The campaign is then being rolled out onto smaller out of home sites across the country, at smaller flyposter sites, with a reward of dinner for one.

The innovative campaign will be targeting customers with a series pre-roll ads which example the great lengths customers could go to get their rewards, or instead just use the ones sat in their pockets. The digital work also includes an element which involves customers interacting with Nando’s owned social channels, screen-shotting their Nando’s Card which animates together for a split second to win a free meal. 

Nik Studzinski, chief creative officer at Karmarama said of the work “Whether it’s their unique PERi-PERi sauce, their menus or their Fanta and Coke mix, Nando’s do things differently. And their new Nando’s card campaign is no exception. Sure, you can get your hands on a regular, credit card size Nando’s card. No problem. Or you could also keep an eye out for one of their limited edition, three metre by two metre Nando’s cards that need ten of your mates to carry into the restaurant.”

The work will run until 5thMay 2019.

Karmarama is the UK’s most progressive creative agency, part of Accenture Interactive, working across advertising, PR, data-driven communications, mobile platforms and products, digital and innovation. The agency is known for its ability to blend creativity, digital and data, to help brands better engage with consumers. Or as Karmarama calls it – Connected Creativity. It is one of the most effective agencies in the UK and has won the DMA Grand Prix for the last two successive years, in 2017 for its work for the Army. It was again the highest ranked creative agency in the Sunday Times Top 100 Companies to Work For in 2019.