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Battle of the Extremes: An AI Moderated Debate

In its infancy, the internet was heralded as the answer to many of society’s problems. It would connect us, enrich us, assist us in problem solving, and ultimately, it would advance our capacity for good. Just a few decades later, can we say that’s been the case?


On one hand, there’s been some phenomenal progress. We can share information around the world in seconds, collaborate without borders, and explore technologies that once seemed impossible. On the other, the world has never felt more divided. We’ve seen the continued fragmentation of opinion, the rise of the echo chamber, relentless cyberbullying, and extremist sentiments spread like wildfire. For every breakthrough, there’s a breakdown.


In this age of extremes, we need to ask ourselves; how can the technology that seems to have torn us apart also bring us together? How can it help people at opposite ends of the spectrum to debate, moderate, and ultimately resolve some of their tensions?


This isn’t just an issue close to my heart – this is the defining issue of our times. We must all resolve to work within our own skillset, using our own platforms, to fulfil the dream of the internet founders and create an open, tolerant, and progressive society. 


We must work to futureproof our planet, so that our children, and our children’s children can thrive. We must make society worthy of the wonderful advancements we have at our disposal. If we do, who knows what we could achieve? 

I’m hoping to speak at SXSW 2019 about the ‘Battle of the Extremes’ if you’d like to hear more please read (and vote for our session!) at:
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